Quick Fire Questions: Mo Zamdi (Accenture)

Mo recently started as an Analyst with Accenture this year following my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath. He’s currently working on a cloud and agile transformation project with a global banking client. Prior to joining Accenture, he gained experience as an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry and as a voluntary consultant within the third sector. He’s joining our panel on the 14th October or our event ‘Mapping out Tech’, which you can register for here.  

We sat down with Mo to ask him a couple quick fire questions prior to our event this week. Have a look what he had to say below!

Could you briefly describe your career journey?

I graduated from The University of Bath with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2020. As part of my course I completed a year as a valve design engineer for Oil & Gas clients; during the year I discovered that I did not have a passion to be a professional engineer. While I was in my final year I realised that I had always had an interest in Technology and so began identifying career options within the Technology sector. I applied for a role at Accenture for the opportunity to gain a better understanding of business and work with cutting-edge Technology every day.

What has surprised you most about working in your industry?

The range of roles available; there is space for extremely technical and extremely non-technical people within the Technology sector.

What career advice would you give 20 year old you?

Find out the kind of activities that you think you would enjoy in a role, then reach out to professionals already in that position to see if it matches you expectations before applying. This should help you better target your applications and articulate why you want to work in that role during interviews and on cover letters.